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These little brown bottles of essential oils are pure magic; nature's healing & support system. 


What are essential oils

Essential oils are nature's healing and support system. They are aromatic compounds that are derived from the barks, flowers, fruit, roots and leaves of plants. These little brown bottles are the plant's immune system in a bottle and can be used in many ways within your home to enhance and support your health and wellbeing.

  • Diffuse for an improved sense of wellbeing, to purify the air in your home and for emotional support
  • Sooth aching joints and muscles by applying oils topically
  • Support a healthy immune system, digestive system and inflammatory response
  • Add flavour to salads, smoothies and dishes
  • Replace toxic chemicals in your home with easy and effective DIY cleaning products

The uses for these compounds are as endless and diverse as the plants themselves. We all know that Lavender aids in relaxation but did you also know it can also help provide relief to a teething baby? 

Why i chose doterra essential oils

Honestly, I am still surprised when the oils work. I still find myself not expecting them to work. 

I’ve used essential oils on and off for a lot of my life. Usually purchasing them from a chemist or supermarket. I spent a lot of time wanting them to work but never really having any major moments of success with them… a little bit of extra relaxation here and there maybe out of my $5 bottle of lavender. I’m not sure why but I really wanted essential oils to be a thing that worked for me. When I saw my friend starting to post about doTERRA oils it was almost a last chance punt for me and I have continually been amazed at the results I get from them since. Source definitely matters. Harvesting the plants from communities and countries where the plants thrive in their indigenous environments clearly matters. I love it every time that these little brown bottles prove me wrong and convert my cynic. 


pure and potent

doTERRA source their oils from plants that have been grown in their indigenous environment, where they thrive the best. 

  • Lemon is sourced from Italy
  • Wintergreen is sourced from Nepal
  • Vetiver is sourced from Haiti

Organic is a word at the forefront of people's minds when choosing products to best support their families. doTERRA partner with communities and artisans around the world to ensure the absolute best quality and methods of growing, harvesting and distilling which impact the quality and potency of their oils. Their rigorous third party and in house testing and transparency of reporting gives me absolute confidence in the purity of these oils. You can access the third party reports for any batch here.

Find out more in this video. 



doTERRA are transforming the communities that they partner with to source these beautiful oils. More than half of the 40 countries that doTERRA essential oils are sourced from are third world countries. Through their co-impact sourcing model and healing hands foundation doTERRA are bringing a market and enhanced lifestyles to communities and families that would not otherwise have the opportunity or resources for clean drinking water, education and medical supplies. In the videos below learn more about the strategy of their co-impact sourcing model and watch an example of it in action. Some examples of the work of the healing hands foundation include

  • Haiti, where we source our Vetiver - clean drinking water (where before the children were walking hours in each direction to collect water)
  • Guatemala, where we source our Cardamom - feminine hygiene education (teaching the women about menstruation and sexual health)
  • Bulgaria, where we source Lavender - providing a safe space for transitioning orphans to live in which they can learn hospitality skills and integrate into the world in a supportive way.
  • Somalia, where we source our Frankincense - we have provided schooling for the farmers daughters