Inviting newness into our daily lives

"There is a principle in neuroscience called Hebb's Law. It basically states that "nerve cells that fire together, wire together". Hebb's credo demonstrates that if you repeatedly activate the same nerve cells, then each time they turn on, it will be easier for them to fire in unison again. Eventually those neurons will develop a long term relationship. When clusters of neurons have fired so many times in the same ways that they have organised themselves into specific patterns with long-lasting connections. The more these networks of neurons fire, the more they wire into static routes of activity. In time, whatever the oft-repeated thought, behaviour or feeling is, it will become an automatic unconscious habit. When your environment is influencing your mind to that extent, your habitat becomes your habit." Dr Joe Dispenza, Breaking the Habit of Being You.

This can be used to our advantage or our disadvantage. We can use this principle to create new neural pathways to consolidate positive thoughts and even reduce stress, or if we do not catch our thoughts we can cement negative stories that we tell ourselves about any aspect of our lives relationships, work, our home etc. Remembering that our thoughts drive our feelings and our feelings drive our actions this can be dangerous in our industry. Some examples of thoughts that eventually render inaction might include

  • My town is too small to run a network marketing business or my area is saturated

  • No one in my locality can afford the essential oils

  • It's too expensive to travel (guilty!!)

  • I'll never be able to run a workshop as good as so and so

  • I don't feel like a leader (guilty again!)

  • I'm just being realistic (guilty again again!)

  • I don't want my friends to think I'm trying to make money off them

By repeating these thoughts we start to subconsciously accept them. Its not about being unrealistic, it's about consciously changing and choosing a new reality. If we do not consciously cultivate newness we can inadvertently end up doing and saying and believing the same thing every day leading to the same results.

A few years ago, before essential oils were even on my radar I attended a 3 day photography course run by a photographic hero of mine. I remember distinctly his response to the question "How can I learn to take more interesting photographs?".  The reply has stayed with me ever since.... "Become a more interesting person"..... It sounds ridiculously simple and made so much sense to me as he elaborated further. "What are you reading that has nothing to do with photography, what curiosities are you exploring, what art are you enjoying, what movies and docos are you watching, what are you doing to make yourself a more interesting person? Do you know what you like when you see it and do you know or question why you like it?"

I strongly believe that these principles apply in many arenas. In network marketing in particular. It can be tough to find new leads at times. But if there is nothing new about you how can you possibly expect to do that? If there is nothing interesting about you besides being the oil lady in town how will people connect with you? (By the way I don't believe there is nothing interesting about any of you but are you allowing those parts to shine too?).

New behaviours?

None of this needs to be big, grandiose or completely life-changing either, it can be really simple.

  • Cultivate a new interest, attend a class

  • Go to a different pub, supermarket or library this week

  • Go to a different park with the kids

  • Read a new book or read A book

  • Make a new recipe - if you're normally a stove top cook, make dinner using your oven

  • Play a board game, turn your TV off, watch a doco instead of your normal show

  • Have a bath instead of a shower

  • Go for a run instead of going to the gym

  • Have a picnic for dinner

  • Move your furniture around

  • If you normally buy cut herbs from your supermarket, buy herbs in a pot instead and trying growing them

 It can be anything! Anything at all to bring in some new and fire off some new neurons. We are habitual animals and whilst I do recommend cultivating habits and rituals that lead to improved wellness, better family life or greater success, it's important to make inviting newness into our lives one of those habits too. Develop the habit of finding opportunities to do or see something new everyday even on the smallest of scales.

New thoughts for a new reality?

Have you ever tried manifesting, visualisation or using positive affirmations, writing your goals down or creating a vision board? These things actually work (hand up as a relatively new believer of this statement by the way!). These activities can all activate your reticular activating system in a particular way that will end up working for you.

This is a means of training your brain to use a different filter, to see things differently, to recognise opportunities as they come up that align with your desires. Your RAS is at the top of your spinal column and extends upwards. It basically applies filters to the millions of bits of info gathered by your senses second by second to make sure your brain doesn't receive more than it can handle. Your conscious mind can only handle about 100 separate pieces of information per second.. Your RAS is the system that chooses what you see e.g. Have you ever thought about buying a particular model of car and then you see that model EVERYWHERE? That is your RAS in action. The activities aforementioned give you the means by which to choose which filter your RAS applies to your world view. It takes repetition and commitment, which is why vision boards are great (kinda like diffusing - low dosages of your desired world consistently!).  So if you are manifesting something like "New leads come out of nowhere for me everyday" then your RAS will start helping you to notice them when they do actually appear...and then you can start capitalising on those opportunities.

As an example, for me this is the reason why having and adding to a names list actually works. It's not about making a list of people that you can contact and sell your product too it's about training your RAS to "show" you new opportunities to connect to people. This is why you would add people to your list whenever you meet them "without prejudice" (stole that phrase from Mandy - so well put). You may not have spoken to them about oils, you may never speak to them about oils but you are learning to see new people everywhere around you. Of course next up is manifesting something like "I have the empathy, courage and knowledge to meet their needs". Next time you have a conversation with the checkout person at Woollies, put them on your list...?!

Train your RAS

  • Make a vision board

  • Change your screensaver

  • Put some new artwork up

  • Read a new book or read A book

  • Google something or read up on something that you have been curious about and see where it takes you

  • Use an app like "Incite Timer" to do a guided visualisation meditation

  • Make a names list