A natural connection.

This business is my answer to everything that is important to me and everything that I am.....a mum, a landscape photographer, a traveller, community work, diversity, respect, social justice and fairness, health, camping and nature..... a natural connection.

building a doterra business

Building a doTERRA business involves introducing people to Essential Oils and helping them set up their account and Loyalty Rewards Program order...over and over. It’s not rocket science and anyone who is willing to do the work can do it.

As more and more people join your team and more products are being purchased by your growing ‘tree’ of enrollees, you’ll move up the ranks and earn more income.

Along the way, someone you have enrolled will read this information and the light will go on for them - the power of these products to truly help people, the amazing work the company does, the power of the compensation plan and all the ways they can change their life by building their own doTERRA business.

So you’ll add mentoring this person to your list of things to do...and all the work they put in, builds your business, too. So, you see, this business model is truly beautiful - you create your own success by helping others create success. Supportive. Collaborative.

Speaking of support and collaboration...you will never be alone building your business.

• Weekly calls
• Mentoring from myself and other doTERRA leaders
• Access to incredible resources online with everything you need
• Online mastermind community
• Personal development opportunities

How quickly your business grows will depend largely on:

+ how much time and energy you commit + your willingness to learn new skills
+ your courage to tackle the learning curve + whether you believe in yourself

If you have plenty of each of these things, it’s possible to build a six figure business in a year. For some it takes less time, for most it takes longer. The key is to keep going and know the results will follow.

so what is possible?

Let’s be clear...this is NOT like having any other part time job or even building a regular home business. Normally, if you stop working, the income stops, too.

In a doTERRA network marketing business there is a tipping point where the business will continue to generate income, even if you get sick, have to care for someone, go campaigning for a cause you are passionate about, go traveling the globe...

So if you want financial freedom, you can build it here with us. Below is an extract from the doTERRA 2016 opportunities and earnings disclosure summary.