wellness consults & oils workshops

Myself or one of my amazing team can assist you in understanding which essential oils can provide the support and benefits that you are looking for. We provide support, access to resources and mentoring in how to use them.

A one-to-one wellness consult or an oils workshop is a great way to embark on your learning. Essential oils are not just for the home and are making their way into offices, schools, hospitals and other workplaces to great effect.

In a consultation or workshop we focus on

  • An individual approach to your goals and needs
  • How you can use the oils to naturally, safely and effectively support you and your family or your workplace.  
  • Ways to maximise the impactfulness of these precious drops through aromatic, topical and internal use
  • The most intelligent and customised ways to purchase the oils

If you want the freedom and empowerment that comes from access to natural and tailored wellness solutions then let's connect! Wherever you are in the world. 

partner with me

I love what I do and what it has done and can do for my family. I love the travel, meeting new people, the connection to our earth, the connection to communities around the world and the empowerment of those communities. I love the collaboration of the leaders in this business and I love the heart, transparency and ethics of the organization. 

I am looking for people to join my team and in turn build an abundant Doterra business for you and your family. It is simpler than it seems.

•Be you and love people
• Love making connections
• Love natural solutions
• Respect and value diversity
• Relish new learning and knowledge
• Enjoy the chance to create and be creative

If this sounds like you and you want to team up to get creative and make big things happen let me know! There are a gazillion amazing resources and people out there helping us to do this too! AND, we get to do this from anywhere…. Your campsite, your yard, your home, over coffee, overseas…….! Click the button below to understand the business opportunity and model.

A natural connection.

Being in nature and the bush has always been one of my go-to tools for self-care and managing my moods. Landscape photography is my relaxation, a form of meditation as every important part of me (my eyes, my brain and my heart) focuses exclusively on something beautiful and on creating. Camping, exploring, travelling and fishing are all an extension of this, a lifestyle that brings me balance and a great sense of overall wellbeing. 

Most recently I have been lucky enough to spend the last 3 years in Arnhem Land learning from the Yolngu about connection to country, ourselves and to others and the intertwined inseparability of these elements of our world. Essential oils for me are a natural choice, just one more way to be connected and earthed.  

To be able to use these oils to support my life, my priorities, create change and build a business in partnership with DoTerra, who are having an empowering social impact across the world, through their sourcing ethics and relationships with organic farmers is a privilege on a very personal level. It's an opportunity to help make the world a better place and another means in which to grow appreciation and protection of our beautiful world. 

Since January 2017 I have been building my health and wellness business. I have done this by working with some of my closest friends and family. New connections have become amazing friends through my business and I have been privileged to create some beautiful events, collaborations and to benefit from two-way learning working with some pretty awesome individuals.